EA and Koei Tecmo have been working away on their Monster Hunter competitor for some time now, and the result of that labour — in the form of Wild Hearts — is now out in the... wild. Anyway, enough of our silly puns, we'd like to know how you've been getting on with the game so far.

In our Pure Xbox review , we thought Wild Hearts was a pretty worthy competitor to Capcom's famous monster hunting series. Sure, it falls short in certain areas, but it also stands on its own and provides a solid entry point to the genre.

In fact, Wild Hearts is perhaps even a bit more welcoming than Monster Hunter, generally speaking. We found it to be a little less overwhelming in how it introduced players into its world, which is helpful for those who've never played this kind of game before.

EA's Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial probably helps to bring in newcomers as well. Yep, you can go hands-on with 10 hours of Wild Hearts before making your mind up on a purchase if you own Game Pass, which is a nice bonus!

So, yeah, have you tried out Wild Hearts, perhaps on Xbox Game Pass? How have you found the game so far? Vote in the poll and let us know in the comments!

What Do You Think Of 'Wild Hearts' So Far? (106 votes)

  1. It's incredible, I'm loving it!25%
  2. It's good, worth a try via Xbox Game Pass30%
  3. It's alright, but it's no Monster Hunter22%
  4. Don't bother, stick to Capcom's series!23%