Poll: How Many Games Have You Bought Because Of Xbox Free Play Days?

Xbox Free Play Days is something we highlight every week here at Pure Xbox, but if you haven't paid much attention to it, it's a program for Xbox Live Gold members where free trials are made available for various games from Thursday to Sunday. Obviously, the hope is that you might want to buy them after the trial period is over.

The quality of the Free Play Days selections can vary wildly from week-to-week, but we do sometimes get some really good choices. This week, for example, you can play the full versions of Far Cry 6 and NBA 2K23 totally for free until Sunday night! Plus, both games are discounted if you want to keep them after the Free Play Days period.

The question is, does Xbox Free Play Days actually work? Does it entice you to buy games that you might otherwise have glossed over? In our experience, it's definitely a "yes" - here at Pure Xbox HQ, we've had staff members purchase the likes of Judgment, PGA Tour 2K21, Fuser (RIP) and many other games as a result of Free Play Days in recent years.

But how about you specifically? Can you say you've ever bought a game because of Xbox Free Play Days, or do you just prefer to play the titles for free when they're included with the program? Perhaps you totally ignore Xbox Free Play Days and couldn't care less about it? We're keen to hear your thoughts down below.

So, how many games have you bought because of Xbox Free Play Days? Tell us in the polls and comments!

What Do You Think Of Xbox Free Play Days? (431 votes)

  1. I love it, use it a lot!7%
  2. It's a cool idea, I sometimes use it21%
  3. It's OK, not bad6%
  4. I don't use it very often to be honest33%
  5. It's kinda pointless, sorry!34%

How Many Games Have You Bought Because Of It? (437 votes)

  1. None!79%
  2. 1-213%
  3. 3-55%
  4. 6-102%
  5. 11-25  0%
  6. 26+  0.5%