Well, Halo Infinite's campaign has now had over 24 hours to soak in, and while some of us are still getting to grips with it (this writer hasn't even been able to get started yet!), many will have had a chance to craft some first impressions.

We've been waiting six long years for Master Chief to return in a mainline single-player campaign, and fortunately there's up to 45 hours' worth of content to get stuck into — although the main missions take a max of about 10 hours.

We're not asking for your final verdicts or anything like that just yet, as we're all certainly going to need a few days/weeks to get to that point, but we're just interested to know how you're finding Halo Infinite's campaign based on what you've played so far. If you want to add some multiplayer impressions as well, feel free to go ahead!

What are your impressions of Halo Infinite's campaign so far? Let us know down in the polls and comments below.

How Are You Finding Halo Infinite's Campaign So Far?
How Would You Grade It So Far?