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Anthony launched Nintendo Life in late 2005 and has remained at the helm ever since. He loves Nintendo but sometimes gets confused and tells everyone that F-Zero X is the best game. We've tried getting him help, but alas...

Growing up in the 1990's he developed a passion for video games by playing Game Boy, Super Nintendo and PC games. With a keen interest in the Internet and IT he fell in love with software development and programming, becoming a professional website developer in the early 2000s.

Anthony honed his craft as a developer and was director of the website development company Cuttlefish for nearly 15 years before shifting his sole focus to Hookshot's family of websites, Nintendo Life, Push Square and Pure Xbox.

Today, Anthony is both the Founder & CEO of Hookshot but also its lead developer and continues to develop the bespoke CMS that sits under the family of websites.

More recently, Anthony helped conceptualise and launch Hookshot's latest website, Time Extension along with Damien McFerran.

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Mon 16th, March 2020
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