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  • News Grand Theft Auto V Loads Significantly Faster On Xbox Series X

    Especially if you're using Quick Resume

    One of the big advantages of backwards compatibility on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is the ability to take advantage of super fast loading times, especially when those games are stored on the internal SSD. Grand Theft Auto V is one of those games that has become notorious for its slow loading times on...

Friday14th Aug 2020

  • News GTA's Lazlow Jones Leaves Rockstar After Almost 20 Years

    Writer, producer & radio host

    You might know Rockstar Games' Lazlow Jones best for his role as an in-game radio presenter and the host of Fame or Shame in Grand Theft Auto V, but he's also served as a writer, director and producer on various Rockstar series' over the past 20 years, including Red Dead Redemption and Bully. Unfortunately, as spotted...

Friday7th Aug 2020

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  • News Get The Nagasaki Ultralight Glider For Free In GTA Online This Week

    It's pilot week for GTA fans

    If you play GTA Online at any time over the next week, Rockstar is giving away the Nagasaki Ultralight glider for free, which normally goes for over $500k at Elitas Travel. The giveaway is part of Pilot Week in GTA Online, which sees a whole host of promotions and discounts added to the game throughout the week. Players...

Wednesday8th Jul 2020

  • News Xbox Players Are Noticing Varying Discounts On GTA V This Week

    How much is it for you?

    Hear us out. We might be missing something here, but it looks like players on Xbox One are getting different deals on GTA V's Premium Edition this week via a "just for you" offer. As pointed out by a user on Reddit, the game is showing as available at up to 80% off for some players, with a little message underneath the price...

Monday22nd Jun 2020

  • UK Charts The Last Of Us Dominates, Star Wars Returns To The Top Ten

    The force is still strong with this one

    This past week's top ten boxed UK sales chart was predictably centred around the new release of The Last of Us 2, which became Sony's fast selling PS4 game ever in the UK. Meanwhile, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe dropped to fourth after topping the table the previous week. From an Xbox perspective, it was pretty much...

Thursday11th Jun 2020

Monday8th Jun 2020

  • UK Charts Football Fever Takes Over As FIFA 20 Tops The Table

    Champione, ole, ole, ole

    This week's top ten boxed UK sales chart saw a new number one surprisingly crowned in the form of EA Sports' FIFA 20, which jumped four places from 5th to 1st. We're not sure where the boost in sales came from, although it quite possibly has something to do with the English Premier League soon returning on June 17th...