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  • News Xbox Players Pay Their Respects As Halo's Xbox 360 Servers Go Offline

    The end of an era

    It's been an emotional week for longtime Halo fans - with the online services for all Halo games on the Xbox 360 discontinued. Players banded together right before the servers closed to unlock final achievements and just share memories of their time with the Xbox 360 Halo games over the years. To pay our respects, we've rounded up...

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  • News Fortnite Streamer Ninja Is Doing An 'AMA' On Halo's Subreddit

    Ask him anything!

    If you're already questioning why a Fortnite streamer would be doing an AMA on the main Halo subreddit, then you might not know about Ninja's past history. Before he streamed Epic's battle royale, Tyler Blevins was actually a professional Halo 3 player - representing several esports teams. So, if you're an "OG" as Ninja puts it,...

Tuesday16th Feb 2021

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  • News It's Been 13 Long Years Since Halo 3 Finished The Fight

    Happy birthday to the Xbox 360 classic

    Today marks the anniversary of a classic, Halo 3! The Xbox 360 shooter first released all the way back on September 25th, 2007, concluding the original Halo trilogy developed by Bungie. To celebrate the occasion, the official Halo Twitter account posted this birthday message earlier today: If you never had...