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  • Video Here's What Xbox Cloud Gaming Running On PC Looks Like

    We can't wait to try it

    Xbox Cloud Gaming has begun rolling out for both PC and iOS, but you'll need to be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member AND be invited to try it out. If you're still waiting and are eager to see how it runs, then luckily some early adopters have shared their experience with the service. Unlike the Android version of it, both PC...

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  • Video Here's A First Look At xCloud Running On PC

    No word has been given on when the service will hit PCs

    Xbox's cloud streaming service has been available on Android devices for a good few weeks now, but a new video has emerged giving a first look at the system running on PC. As captured by Windows Central Gaming, the exclusive hands-on experience gives a first glimpse at how cloud streaming will...

Thursday12th Nov 2020

  • News Xbox Cloud Gaming Rolls Out To Four More Countries Next Week

    Starting out in Preview

    Microsoft has revealed that it's expanding its Xbox Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud) service to four more countries next week on November 18th, which are Australia, Brazil, Japan and Mexico. Initially, xCloud will be available in these nations in Preview form with a "curated library of great games", and the intention is to move...

Thursday22nd Oct 2020

Tuesday13th Oct 2020

  • Random Ever Played Xbox On A Smart Fridge? This Guy Has

    An unorthodox use of Xbox Cloud Gaming

    It was inevitable following the release of Xbox Cloud Gaming for Android users last month that fans would find ways to play their games in unorthodox ways, but none of us probably would have guessed that someone would be playing DOOM Eternal on a Samsung Smart Fridge. But, as you can see below, that's exactly...

Friday9th Oct 2020

Wednesday7th Oct 2020

  • News Xbox Is Working On Bringing Game Pass Streaming To Consoles & PC

    But don't expect it just yet

    The arrival of Xbox Cloud Gaming (also known as Project xCloud) for Android devices went down a hit following its launch last month with Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed the team is also working on bringing the service to consoles and PC. However, in a response to an Xbox fan on Twitter, Spencer...

Thursday24th Sep 2020

  • News Xbox Cloud Gaming Has A New Competitor, Amazon Luna

    Enters Early Access starting today

    Xbox boss Phil Spencer has mentioned in the past that he sees Google and Amazon, rather than Nintendo and Sony has the main competitors for Xbox moving forward, so he'll likely have been keeping a close eye on the reveal of Amazon Luna today, which serves as a competitor to Xbox Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass...

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