If DOOM meets Guitar Hero ever sounded like a combination of games you'd want to play, then look out for BPM: Bullets Per Minute, which is beating its way onto Xbox One sometime this summer.

Having originally released on PC last year, the game is making its console debut in collaboration with publishing label, Playtonic Friends. The game has you pushing through numerous dungeons in high octane FPS battles, but the main hook is that every move, shot, jump, and dodge is timed to the beat of a powerful rock soundtrack.

BPM: Bullets Per Minute features:

- Shoot, jump and dodge to the beat while battling hordes of enemies.
- Fight powerful bosses in challenging boss battles that will push you to the edge.
- Explore randomly generated dungeons.
- Choose from 10 different characters with unique strengths and weaknesses.
- Wield a powerful arsenal of weapons, all with different behaviour for firing and reloading to the beat of the soundtrack.
- Battle a diverse array of enemies, each with unique rhythmic behaviours.
- Get overpowered and fire shotgun rockets while flying through the air.
- Utilise abilities that radically alter the way you play the game, from teleport to freezing bolts.
- Equip over 60 items that buff your character in unique and interesting ways.
- Experience an epic rock opera soundtrack.

All additional content that PC players have received since launch will also be added, which includes five new characters, three new weapons, a brand new chapter, and two additional difficulty settings. There's also the added bonus of Xbox achievements for any hunters out there.

In a genre overrun by Call of Duty and games of a similar ilk, it's refreshing that BPM: Bullets Per Minute is bringing something new to the table. It looks a lot of fun, and PC reviews last year were fairly positive, with it currently sitting on a Metacritic score of 73 and a 'Very Positive' Steam rating. Now we just need a release date.

Will you be checking out BPM: Bullets Per Minute? Let us know in the comments below.

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