Microsoft: 'FPS Boost' Will Focus On Xbox One Games For Now

Microsoft unveiled the brand-new 'FPS Boost' feature for Xbox Series X and S earlier this week, which will improve the frame rate performance of a select group of games - all without any work required by the developer.

The first five games are all Xbox One titles, and while Xbox 360 and OG Xbox games aren't out of the question, Xbox exec Jason Ronald told the Kinda Funny Xcast podcast yesterday that Xbox One games are the focus for now:

"Right now, we're focused primarily on Xbox One generation titles because we've seen the best results there. We're still evaluating, can we bring this technology back to Xbox 360 games or original Xbox games?"

Earlier this week, Ronald warned in an interview with YouTuber ColtEastwood that not every game would be suitable for 'FPS Boost', and he elaborated on some of the technical challenges on the Kinda Funny Xcast as well:

"The techniques that we've come up with will not work on every title. We've actually gotten some games working, and honestly I'm playing the game, it's super awesome, it's buttery smooth, but then all of a sudden we realise, oh, this character over in the corner is animating twice as fast. Or, maybe three quarters of the way through a game, all of a sudden we find a physics-breaking bug because the system's running the game so fast, that the game doesn't actually know how to handle that.

So, it's a really curated list of titles that we'll be able to enable this on."

Content with this, or were you really hoping for some OG Xbox / Xbox 360 boosts? Let us know below.