Xbox Series X Now Reportedly Uses Less Energy In 'Instant On' Mode

The Xbox Series X's 'Instant On' mode allows you to engage with features like Remote Play and overnight downloads, but there's a clear downside to it - it uses up more energy than shutting off the console entirely.

A few days ago, a fan-created report from AndresVPN on the Xbox Series X Reddit had suggested that the console was using 25-28 watts of energy when turned off in an 'Instant On' state, but following the recent Xbox Series X November 2020 system update, it appears that energy use has been optimised considerably.

Here's what AndresVPN had to say about it following their recent tests:

"So far my testing has been:

OFF (Eco mode): 0.5W

Instant-On pre update: 25-28W

Instant-On with latest update: 10.4~10.9W*


Now, while on this mode if I start a download via the Xbox app it goes like this:

The fan is still off and power is: 28.5W

The whole download completed with the fan off!

Absolutely loving the this new numbers!"

The Redditer went on to note that the 'Instant On' energy usage while the console is turned off can fluctuate based on certain factors - if a game is left in standby, it can apparently run at up to 16-17 watts, for example.

Of course, this is just a fan-created report so we might have to wait a little longer for a more in-depth analysis, but this is certainly an interesting look at how the Xbox Series X consumes power following the recent November update.

Do you use 'Instant On' mode? What do you think of this report? Let us know in the comments.