Microsoft has taken the slogan 'Power Your Dreams' a little too literally as a new video has experimented with Xbox Series X owners dreams after their time with the console.

Using advanced dream technology, the company has conducted lucid dreaming experiments to monitor player's dreams after spending time with the Xbox Series X. The results were... interesting.

By partnering with known creators such as Taika Waititi, the director of Thor Ragnarok, those theatrical dreams were made a reality through a series of short films, including one known as Lucid Odyssey which showcases Master Chief spinning Halo rings like records and lifting his helmet to show he's actually a cat. Probably why last week's holiday advert proved he's not popular among dogs.

Other creators have used the dream technology to create custom controller designs, digital art, augmented reality filters, and 3D audio experiences. It's really interesting and kind of beautiful in a way. You can see all the creations over at Xbox Wire.

What would your Xbox powered dreams show? Drop us a comment and let us know.