Merge Games has announced today that the former PlayStation and Nintendo Switch console exclusive Spirit of the North is finally heading to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S early next year with an 'Enhanced Edition'.

The game, which our sister site Push Square recently scored a 7/10 for PS5, sees you play as an ordinary fox whose story becomes entwined with The Guardian of the Northern Lights, a magical spirit fox.

There's no word on an Xbox One version just yet, but the Xbox Series X will run the game at 4K, 60FPS with "other graphical enhancements", and it also comes with two new and platform exclusive skins.

"Spirit of the North has been uniquely designed to have no dialogue or narration. Players must breathe in their surroundings to solve puzzles and decipher the meaning of a lost ancient civilization. With stunning visuals and an ethereal score, now experienced at 4K 60fps, Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition takes players on an emotional and fulfilling adventure."

Looking forward to this? Have you played Spirit of the North before? Let us know in the comments.