Scalpers Have Reportedly Made Around $10m From The Xbox Series X

We've seen lots of stories about scalpers making a profit on the Xbox Series X|S since their launch on November 10th, and according to an analysis, this has resulted in around $10m in overall profit so far.

Michael Driscoll conducted the analysis over at, writing a script to "scrape all of eBay's sold listings for the products and graph them to get some trends." By December 1st, the Xbox Series X had made around $8.6m in scalper profits on eBay, and the Xbox Series S had made around $1.4m.

"It is easily seen that the Series X is more popular, with over 3 times the number of sales as the Series S, and scalpers making over $9 million in profits from the Xboxes."

The analysis goes on to note that the two consoles made around 30k sales between them on eBay through December 1st, and that the median price of the Xbox Series X was $865, while the median of the Series S was $469.

It might still be a while before the stock situation picks up for both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S despite Microsoft's best efforts, so don't be surprised if these figures continue to rise over the coming months.

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