Doom Eternal Launches On Xbox Game Pass For PC This Week, New Content Available

Microsoft has announced that Doom Eternal is finally making its debut on Xbox Game Pass for PC on December 3, along with new content available for all versions today.

In an Xbox Wire post, the new content was outlined in the form of a new Master Level known as Super Gore Nest. The article describes it as:

“The Super Gore Nest Master Level takes the original you know and love from Doom Eternal’s campaign and gives it a remix – adding more big bads and changing up combat encounters for a fresh, fast, and frenzied combat experience.”

Players can take on numerous challenges and modes in the Super Gore Nest Master Level to unlock new cosmetic rewards. The final prize is The Gold Combat Shotgun skin.

There is also a new Classic Mode Challenge, which aims to invoke the feeling of the classic 1993 game. Players will be equipped with nothing but the combat shotgun and must fight to find new guns and mods. Anyone who accomplishes the feat will receive the Classic Green Slayer skin to customise their Doom Slayer. Seems like a tough challenge, but it will be rewarding to show off the cool cosmetics earned from them.

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