Bungie Reveals More Details About Destiny 2's Xbox Series X Upgrade

The next major Xbox One game to get the 'Optimised' treatment for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be Bungie's Destiny 2, and the developer has now shared more details on what to expect from it next week.

Arriving on Tuesday, December 8th, the enhancement will bring a variety of improvements to the game on next-gen, including boosted frame rates (up to 120FPS), faster load times, an FOV slider and more.

Destiny 2 Xbox Series X

The developer says that regardless of whether you already have the Xbox One version of Destiny 2 installed, the Xbox Series X|S edition will require a full-sized download of around 70GB - so be prepared!

"When Update 3.0.1 releases on December 8, next-gen console users will need to download the full-size game, regardless if they have been playing Destiny 2 since Beyond Light’s launch. This does not affect Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Steam users. Pre-load will not be available for this patch - pre-loads are usually only available for expansion type patches and are not available for hotfixes or seasonal updates."

Looking forward to trying out Destiny 2 on Xbox Series X next week? Let us know in the comments.