Xbox Series X|S Horror The Medium Refused Classification In Australia

The grotesque psychological horror adventure The Medium has been refused classification in Australia.

It was submitted for classification on 6th July this year and received an RC rating. Bloober Team is listed as the publisher and developer - confirming this is indeed the console exclusive game for Xbox Series X|S.

Kotaku reveals the local classification board didn't "directly" classify the game. It was done through the online IARC tool, meaning there's always the chance it was a system error or a "poorly-filled out" form (this has happened in the past with certain other releases).

The Classification Board also confirmed there's been no application for a physical copy of The Medium - suggesting there'll be no retail presence at launch.

This isn't necessarily the end of the road for The Medium releasing in Australia. The developer is reportedly looking into it, so it will likely be resubmitted. Some changes might need to be made to the game as well for this location.

Were you expecting something like this to happen with The Medium? Share your thoughts down below.