Xbox Series X Order Cancelled By Walmart? You Might Be In Luck

Trying to get your hands on an Xbox Series X and/or Xbox Series S is hard enough at the moment, so it's even worse when you purchase one and it gets mysteriously cancelled for seemingly no reason!

That's exactly what happened at Walmart on Xbox Series launch day, but the retailer has confirmed this was the result of a system error, and some customers might actually have a console held in their name.

If you're lucky enough to receive this email, you'll be asked to head to your local store by Friday, November 20th in order to claim your console, otherwise it will simply be returned to the salesfloor after that date.

Those who have received the email have noted that it looks "fishy", but we have seen multiple reports from customers who have successfully collected their consoles - if you're in any doubt, we highly recommend contacting Walmart.

Did you receive this email from Walmart? Let us know down in the comments below.

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