Xbox Series X & PS5 Online Sellers Are Being Robbed, Warns Toronto Police

The Xbox Series X and PS5 are in high demand right now, and given the low supply combined with their high costs, it's no surprise that we're getting reports of robberies from people selling the two consoles (and possibly others) online.

Specifically, the Toronto Police Operations Twitter account put out a warning to potential sellers yesterday, informing the public that some of these reports of robberies have also contained weapons/violence.

If you're planning to buy / sell a console, Toronto Police suggests meeting in a public place, bringing only agreed upon cash, doing the transaction during daylight hours, not giving out personal information, and bringing someone with you.

Of course, all of these rules apply no matter where you might reside in the world, and for whatever reason you might be choosing to buy / sell your Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S or PS5 this way. Stay safe out there, folks.