Sorry, You Probably Can't Float Ping Pong Balls With The Xbox Series X

We've been seeing reports pop up across the web today that you can float ping pong balls (yes, ping pong balls) on top of the Xbox Series X using nothing but the power of the fan.

Yes, that's what people having been doing today.

Unless we're missing something here, this really doesn't appear to be the case. We've tried it, and the ball doesn't even begin to lift in the air, as you can see above. In fact, it reportedly can't even lift a feather:

This isn't going to stop people trying to make this trick work, of course, and ping pong ball sales across the globe are probably enjoying a nice spike in sales right now - but we really suggest taking our word for it on this one.

Go on, then. What else have you been trying to lift with your Series X? Tell us down below.