Xbox Series X

If you thought that the Xbox Series X was expensive at $499 / £449, then spare a thought for gamers in transcontinental Turkey who will have to stump up an eye-watering $1200 to get the next-gen Xbox.

Reddit user azyrr is clearly not happy about the price announced by Microsoft for his local region; it definitely seems like Turkish gamers are getting the short end of the stick here.

According to azyrr, here's how the pricing works out in Turkey:

The Xbox series X is officially announced in Turkey. It's an eye watering $1200 (tax included). The worst part is even taking tax into account with the US base price ($500) it should be $940. Microsoft just decided to add $240 on top of that (%50 markup) because apparently why not.

The general tax included all fees, import too.

Here's the breakdown;

- 50% import tax
- 18% VAT
- 20% luxury tax

These are NOT cumulative btw, you calculate them from the base price and then add it on. So it isn't like 50% x 18% x 20%

Clearly, Turkey has an issue with its currency rate at the moment, and some new taxes have been introduced into the country recently, but it seems that Microsoft is not helping matters here with its profit margin on top of all this.

Sony is yet to reveal pricing for the PlayStation 5 in Turkey, but it likely won't be any better.

Do you feel a bit happier with the next-gen pricing in your region now?