Earlier this week, Microsoft teamed up with Taco Bell to begin giving away multiple Xbox Series X consoles (U.S. only) before it launches on November 10th, and some people have already been posting their wins on social media.

The contest requires you to purchase a medium or large drink via the Taco Bell app or in-person, which provides you with a code to redeem online. You can play up to three times per day, and a winner is revealed every 15 minutes.

Here are just a couple of the lucky winners we've spotted so far:

If you haven't been lucky enough to win one yet (and let's be honest, that's nearly all of us), you've still got until November 4th to keep redeeming those codes in the hopes of securing your new console. Best of luck!

Have you won an Xbox Series X with Taco Bell?! Let us know in the comments below.