Xbox Series V

Over the past few hours, a new rumour has been doing the rounds that Microsoft might have a third next-gen console in the works called the Xbox Series V, but it's fair to say we're pretty sceptical.

The circulating image appears to suggest the system is a mid-range device between the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and while it does look fairly convincing, numerous commenters on social media have notably pointed out that the console's USB port is missing on the Xbox Series V image.

Windows Central editor and industry insider Jez Corden has commented on the rumour as well, suggesting he too thinks the Xbox Series V image is fake, so it looks like we can put this one to bed for now.

However, Microsoft does have something undiscovered in the works with a codename of 'Edinburgh' - it's not known exactly what this is, but Corden says he believes it's something related to Project xCloud.

What do you make of the image? Would you like to see a disc-less Xbox Series X? Let us know below.

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