Random: What's Head Of Xbox Phil Spencer Up To In This Interview?
Image: Microsoft

We're all curious to know what the Xbox team is doing in the lead-up to the release of its next-gen console this November. As a result, fans have been searching high and low on the internet for any new information.

With this in mind, a now-deleted tweet - dated 1st September 2020 - by @TannTannTheMann, an apparent broadcast producer for Xbox, mentions how they did "a little interview" with the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer.

Fortunately, the deleted tweet surfaced on the Xbox Series X subreddit. Here's a look:

Before we get too carried away - no, apparently it's got no ties to the Xbox Series X price and date reveal.

According to a reply by Reddit user Smart_Championship37, a follow-up tweet from the same Twitter account said it was a mistake:

A minute ago he said, “I made a mistake and it was taken out of context, deeply apologize to the fans”

Head of Global Communications for Xbox at Microsoft, Kenny Birge, also responded to the original Tweet - clarifying it was a documentary "about another industry company" where Phil was happy to help out:

"Thanks, Tanner. This was for a documentary about another industry company where Phil offered to add his voice. Nothing to speculate about here..."

In the photo itself, we can see Phil, the camera crew, and on the back wall a shelf containing a few video game items.

Probably the standout of the lot (apart from the Xbox logo and what appears to be something shaped like an Xbox controller) is the Psycho face from the 2K / Gearbox Software series, Borderlands. And it just so happens that Gearbox is hosting a Digital Showcase at PAX Online 2020 next week.

Long story short, based on Birge's reply - it seems there's "nothing" to get too excited about in terms of Xbox news.

Yesterday, Xbox UK marketing lead Samuel Bateman said Microsoft would share more details about the Series X when it's ready. They're definitely cutting it fine.

So, although we've been advised not to speculate, any thoughts about who Phil might have been recording an interview with and what for? Do you think it's for Gearbox? Tell us down below.

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