What the Xbox Series S actually looks like
What the Xbox Series S actually looks like

The Xbox Series S obviously has a lot going for it, but for some fans, it admittedly falls short in the looks department.

While most of us are used to owning rectangular-shaped consoles by now, it's hard to stop looking at the gigantic circular vent that kind of looks like a speaker. It's become a bit of a joke on social media.

The official Xbox Twitter account has even made it clear that the 'S' doesn't stand for speaker, in response to all the images depicting the new system as a boom box...

"Didn’t know if we should Say Anything but FYI the S doesn’t stand for Speaker."

So, how could you improve the overall look of this more affordable next-gen Xbox? While we've already seen an "unofficial" black concept design, how about something as simple as adding a gigantic Xbox logo over the top of the circular grill?

It's amazing how much it changes the overall look, and that's exactly what Xbox Series X subreddit user daftomaru has done.

Or, you could go with an upright 'X' logo, as shown by hn6 on the Xbox One subreddit. One other fan on Reddit even suggested "interchangeable fan grills" - similar to the faceplates during the Xbox 360 generation.

What do you think of these designs that simply add the Xbox logo? Share your thoughts down below.

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