Phil Spencer: We're Committed To Bringing Xbox Game Pass To Apple Phones

Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming service launched last week for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers on Android, but iPhone and iPad users have so far been unable to take advantage.

That's because Apple's App Store rules have reportedly made it impossible for Microsoft to integrate the service on the platform, and recent changes to those rules were described as remaining "a bad experience for customers."

However, speaking in an interview with CNBC earlier today, Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed that the company is "committed" to bringing the service to Apple users in the future:

"When you get large scale general compute platforms like mobile phones, people should have access to the great content and services that are out there, and we remain committed to that. There are over three billion people who play video games today, many of them playing on phones, and we're committed to bringing Game Pass to all mobile phones out there including Apple phones.

We'll continue the conversations and I'm sure we'll be able to get to some resolution."

Spencer was also questioned by the host about exactly why Microsoft is unable to bring the service to Apple phones at present, with the Xbox boss reiterating that cloud game streaming apps "are actually not allowed in the way that Game Pass is built for other platforms." In other words, it's all your fault Apple!

Do you think Microsoft will be able to come to a resolution with this? Give us your thoughts below.