New Game Ratings Possibly Hint At More Xbox Series S Evidence

Ah, the Xbox Series S. Microsoft's unannounced second next-gen console is quickly becoming the worst kept secret in gaming after multiple references to the system were seemingly leaked over the past month, and now it looks like we might have even more evidence that console will be unveiled very soon.

As reported by Video Games Chronicle, ESRB ratings for games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War are now listing 'Xbox Series' rather than 'Xbox Series X' as Microsoft's next-gen platform, and this appears to be a new development for certain titles.

In addition to this, the European PEGI ratings board also seems to be referencing multiple next-gen Xbox consoles in some of its listings, classifying the likes of Yakuza: Like a Dragon as coming to Xbox One and "Xbox (2020)".

Ultimately then, it looks like it won't be long at all until the Xbox Series S is officially unveiled by Microsoft, with the most recent insider reports suggesting it'll get its long-awaited reveal some time this month. We're ready!

Are you hyped for the Xbox Series S reveal, or has your excitement died down due to the wait? Let us know below.

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