Honeycomb Aeronautical Working On Flight Sim Controls For Xbox Series X

Ever since the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator as part of Xbox Game Pass for PC earlier this month, there's been one question on a lot of people's minds - when is it coming to Xbox One / Xbox Series X?

Unfortunately, we don't have an answer for that just now, but it looks like you'll be able to take to the skies in style when it eventually arrives, as accessory maker Honeycomb Aeronautical is developing flight controls for the system.

Here's what Microsoft had to say about it during yesterday's 'Designed for Xbox' deep dive:

Honeycomb Aeronautical is a worldwide leader in flight simulator hardware, both for home use and flight training. They will be working with Microsoft on developing the next generation of class leading flight controls for Xbox Series X and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The latest update about an Xbox console release for the game arrived earlier this month when Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann confirmed the team is "working really hard to make this happen," but couldn't commit to a timeline just yet. Rest assured though, that it's definitely on the way.

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