Another Xbox Series X placeholder price has surfaced in the wild! This time it's been shared by ex-IGN reporter and popular YouTuber Alanah Pearce, who revealed an image sent to her from an apparent UK retail worker showing the price of the Xbox Series X as £499.99 on their system.

As Alanah pointed out in the video, there's no definitive suggestion that this is the real price - it's likely just a placeholder for now - and the console is even mistakenly listed as an "Xbox One Series X."

For obvious reasons, the person who shared the image reportedly asked to remain anonymous, but Alanah mentioned that it appeared to come from "an actual store", and she cropped the photo in order to make it less identifiable.

And as you might have noticed, located at the bottom of the list is the "Xbox Series X Controller Blue", which up until now has yet to have leaked or been officially revealed. It remains to be seen whether this is the real deal or whether it's simply an inaccurate listing, but it would be nice if it's the former!

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