Microsoft has today unveiled more information about the changes being made to the Xbox dashboard UI ahead of the release of the Xbox Series X later this year, with Xbox Insiders beginning to test these out starting this week.

This will finally include the ability to implement dynamic backgrounds, and Xbox Live's Major Nelson has given us a more in-depth look at how these will work as part of the UI refresh.

You can check this out in the timestamped video above (13:51 is where it begins), and you'll also find some screengrabs below of the dynamic backgrounds in a couple of different colours:

In the video, it's explained that "getting some movement on the dashboard makes a huge difference" to the overall experience, and that these backgrounds always live update to your colour, so if someone else signs into your Xbox with a different setting, the dynamic background will alter accordingly.

In addition to this, Microsoft is rolling out a new Profile Themes feature that will include specific game themes to plaster all over your profile, but it remains to be seen whether this will extend to dynamic backgrounds as well.

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