Talking Point: Should The Xbox One Version Of Halo Infinite Be Cancelled?

A few weeks before Halo Infinite was delayed, 343 Industries published an official statement regarding concerns about the game's graphics. It even acknowledged the fact the team had "heard" the Digital Foundry assessments, which broke down Halo Infinite's gameplay reveal in detail.

Now that the latest news about the game's delay is out in the wild, the DF team has released another video. Early on in the discussion, Digital Foundry's John Linneman called for the Xbox One version of the game to be axed:

"They need to cancel the Xbox One version, it needs to be gone, they have to cancel it. I understand the consumer-friendliness aspect, I get it, but for a flagship title, to really beat Sony you've got to do this. You have to make sure that this is truly a flagship title. I'm gonna stand by that."

"This game needs to be transformed somehow, maybe it's too late, but it's really important for them that they massively shape things up, I guess you could say. It needs to improve and it needs to impress people."

Linneman's colleague, Rich Leadbetter, asked if cancelling the Xbox One version was even a viable course of action - considering its entire technical underpinnings are presumably based on this platform and a cross-gen phase. John explained how he felt it would fix "a lot" of problems and would also give 343 the chance to drastically improve the look:

"...Current-gen engines are very scalable I think, I would hope that this is the case here as well. But there's just a lot of problems that could be fixed. I think, obviously there's tons of pop in that needs to be corrected...proper ray tracing should be there from day one, they need like real-time global illumination at the very least - things like this I think could be added, realistically."

Digital Foundry's Alex Battaglia chimed in, stating how he would also like to see 343 "get rid of" the Xbox One version, but didn't see it happening, and in the long run, it'll be getting dragged along:

"I still think they're going to launch with a base Xbox One version... Just like John I would like them to kind of get rid of that as much as possible to make Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X look the best it can.

They're gonna keep building on it over time, I if they're going to be building content for Halo Infinite over a number of years and post-launch support and the Xbox One - the base Xbox One - is still being dragged along, that would mean sort of a cutting down of that content, you know."

What are your own thoughts? Should 343 Industries scrap the Xbox One version of Halo Infinite? Tell us down below.

Should The Xbox One Version Of Halo Infinite Be Scrapped?