Halo 5 Forge
Image: YouTube / Unsorted Guy

We've already seen recreations of the Halo Infinite demo in certain other games, and now videos and screenshots are starting to pop up of the same campaign in the Forge mode of Halo 5: Guardians.

Yes, a number of talented Forge users have successfully remade parts of the demo in the expansive creation tool. As highlighted by Kotaku, one of the more impressive recreations is by a creator known on YouTube as Unsorted Guy.

This individual has released a map covering the entire ground-level section of the demo's map. At the three minute mark they've even included a side-by-side comparison, and well - they've done quite a good job given what they're working with! See for yourself below:

Below is another take on the demo from the map maker and Twitter user Ducain23. A recent tweet from the same user reveals how their own version of the demo is now complete and will be shared in full very soon. Here are some comparison shots to look at in the meantime:

Image: @ducain23
Image: @ducain23
Image: @ducain23

Of course, all this focus on Halo Infinite's demo stems from the criticism towards the game's graphics. It led to 343 issuing an official statement just days after the big reveal, and then last week it was officially delayed by Microsoft until 2021 and will no longer release alongside the Xbox Series X.

What do you think of these Halo 5: Forge recreations of the Halo Infinite demo? How are you feeling about Halo Infinite's delay a week later? Share your thoughts down below.

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