Microsoft Unveils 13 More Games Coming To Xbox Game Pass In August & September

Microsoft has today unveiled another 13 (!) games coming to Xbox Game Pass in August and early September, including a few that we already knew about such as Battletoads, Tell Me Why and Wasteland 3.

Here's a list of what's on the way over the next few weeks:

Date Game Platform
August 18th Microsoft Flight Simulator PC
August 18th Spiritfarer Xbox One, PC
August 20th


Xbox One, PC
August 20th Crossing Souls PC
August 20th Darksiders: Genesis PC
August 20th Don't Starve: Giant Edition Xbox One, PC
August 21st New Super Lucky's Tale Xbox One, PC
August 27th

Tell Me Why: Chapter One

Xbox One, PC
August 27th Hypnospace Outlaw Xbox One, PC
August 28th Double Kick Heroes Xbox One, PC
August 28th

Wasteland 3

Xbox One, PC
September 1st Crusader Kings III PC
September 3rd Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Xbox One, PC

In addition, Microsoft has also highlighted seven games that will be leaving Xbox Game Pass over the next few weeks, including Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2. All of those games are currently on sale - either at 20% off for Xbox Game Pass members exclusively, or as part of the ongoing Xbox Summer Sale.

Which of these upcoming Xbox Game Pass games are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.