Xbox Series X Will Compress Game Sizes 'As Much As Possible'

Following yesterday's deep dive into Xbox Velocity Architecture on the Xbox Series X, director of program management Jason Ronald has been talking more about file sizes in an interview with IGN.

Questioned about how much space on the SSD will be taken up by system files, Ronald explained that he couldn't talk about that yet, but also revealed that next-gen game sizes will be made "as small as possible":

"We're not ready to share the final numbers because we're still finishing up the user experience and what not, but that's part of the reason why we have things like hardware decompression as an example, because we want to be as respectful as possible and make sure the actual game footprint on that drive is as small as possible."

"We have other capabilities that we have provided to developers as well so that developers can be more intelligent about what assets actually get installed. So as an example, if you're a primarily English speaking player, maybe you don't have to download other languages or audio files, so that we can once again reduce that footprint overall."

Ronald also went on to discuss this a little more in follow-up questions, revealing that Xbox Series X game sizes will naturally depend on the type of game, and while keeping them low isn't a certification requirement, Microsoft works closely with developers around the world to find the right solutions for their titles.

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