Xbox Boss: We Can't Be Afraid Of Trying Things That Might Not Work

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been talking to once again, this time about the impending closure of livestreaming service Mixer, which will begin redirecting to Facebook Gaming next week.

Spencer explained to the website that he has no regrets about investing in Mixer, and that he felt being afraid of disappointment wouldn't help the Xbox organisation ultimately achieve its goals:

"You make decisions with the best information you have at the time, you apply your best effort, and we're in a creative industry. We are in a hits-driven industry. And if we get into this space that we get afraid of disappointment that we won't achieve what we're trying to achieve as an organisation... I think it's fundamental to us that we're not afraid of trying things that might not work. And that is just the art of making video games, and frankly game platforms."

Mixer is already being removed from Xbox Insiders' consoles, including the app itself, references to Mixer streaming, party co-stream capabilities and more. The service will disappear for everyone else on July 22.

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