The highly-anticipated Microsoft Flight Simulator has been heavily guarded in terms of revealing raw gameplay footage over the past weeks and months, but that all changes today!

Lots of previews and video coverage has now been unleashed for the title, including a full 90-minute flight (complete with dodgy landing) courtesy of IGN in the video above.

There's plenty of other great content surfacing on YouTube as well - below, you'll find a couple of videos from PC Gamer flying over various famous landmarks and navigating through stormy weather.

Additionally, Microsoft and Asobo announced today that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available on Steam for PC when the game launches on August 18th, with pre-orders now available. The game is also getting TrackIR and VR support on PC, with the latter arriving later this year in time for the launch of the HP Reverb G2.

In case you're wondering, there's still no update on a release date for Xbox One and/or Xbox Series X, although Xbox boss Phil Spencer did recently hint that the game is on its way to the next-gen system.

What do you think of this Flight Sim footage? Impressed by the visuals? Let us know in the comments.

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