The New Superhot's Ending Makes You Wait Hours Before Playing Again

The latest game in the Superhot series (Superhot: Mind Control Delete) was released on Xbox One a couple of weeks ago, given out to players for free who bought the original Superhot before July 16th.

And if you've already finished it, you'll have come across its polarising conclusion.

When you trigger the ending of Superhot: Mind Control Delete, the game begins "recovering deleted data", forcing you to wait for hours before you can actually continue. Originally it was eight hours, but this has since been reduced to two-and-a-half hours due to issues with corrupted saves and standby modes with various devices.

You can see an example of this in the video below:

So, why does this actually happen? It simply appears to be an artistic statement that aligns with Superhot: Mind Control Delete's narrative, which according to Eurogamer has a running theme of guilt - "a guilt the player feels for wanting to play more of the game."

Co-director Marcin Surma also spoke to the outlet about the ending, explaining the decision behind it:

"You can leave it running overnight and have a fresh mind to see the results in the morning. We actually considered the eight hours quite lenient - we started with 24 hours but that felt a bit too restrictive: you'd end the same time of day you ended the game yesterday. And that's no fun!"

"After all, we don't want to punish the players, we want players to feel both the significance of what they themselves achieved during the ending, and to have a moment to be part of this experience more as performing along than just playing..."

Have you got to the ending of Superhot: Mind Control Delete yet? Let us know what you think of this idea below.