Resident Evil Survey Asks If Players Would Buy A Digital Only Xbox Series X

Capcom has shared a survey on Twitter centred around the upcoming release of Resident Evil Village in 2021, seemingly alluding to the potential of a digital only Xbox Series X in the process.

The specific question relates to which systems players plan on buying in the first few years of release, including a digital only Xbox Series X (if available). The unannounced Xbox Lockhart (Series S) is rumoured to be a digital-only console, so it seems likely this is what it's referring to.

Resident Evil: Village Survey

There are some other intriguing questions in the survey, such as how players feel about the name "Resident Evil Village" and whether it's obvious that the game is the eighth instalment of the main franchise.

If you want to take the survey for yourself, you can do so over at the official Resident Evil Twitter page.

How about you? Would you buy a digital only next-gen Xbox? Let us know in the comments.