Phil Spencer: We're Always In The Market For New Xbox Game Studios

Xbox head Phil Spencer and the bosses of various developers under the Microsoft umbrella have been talking more about Xbox Game Studios in a fantastic feature with

As you can see from the title, Spencer also used this opportunity to explain that while the company is focusing on integrating the studios it has, it's still in the market for more opportunities:

"The Game Pass portfolio and subscriber base continues to grow. We're launching a new console. Last year was our biggest year ever on PC in terms of revenue as Xbox Game Studios. A lot of the business is doing really well, so we're always in the market for new opportunities with studios."

"We have really strong support from Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, and Amy Hood, the CFO. And there's been no signal at all that we should be slowing down, but just to go at a pace that is maintainable for us as a leadership team. We're always out there talking to people. But it has to be the right opportunity."

The rest of the article (which we highly recommend checking out) is packed with comments from the likes of Mojang studio head Helen Chiang and Double Fine boss Tim Schafer, explaining how their companies have been integrated with Xbox Game Studios, and what it's been like working as part of Microsoft in recent years.

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