Master Chief - Halo Infinite
Image: Xbox

We're so excited for next week's Xbox Games Showcase and the reveal of Halo Infinite that we're now fueling the hype train with signs and even new screenshots of the game.

Yesterday, in Phil Spencer's lengthy post about the future of Xbox gaming, a new shot of Master Chief in his latest outing was shared. You can see it in all its glory above. While it might not look like much, some eagle-eyed fans over on the Halo subreddit seem to think the Chief's armour has been darkened.

Here's a comparison of this shot and the scene from the original trailer, courtesy of Reddit user, TheFaithfulAtheists:

Others think the lighting of this shot might have just changed, as explained by the Reddit user Jtafuri:

"There's also direct lighting on the left image. The background on the left also seems to be brighter and more well lit (of course it's probably just the cutscene renderings of the right pic.) Judging from the slight color difference of the undersuit, I believe the 'darker' image has warmer lighting."

Either way, Master Chief is looking better than ever. Next week 343 Industries will reveal the first gameplay footage of Halo Inifinite's campaign - are you ready? Tell us down below, Spartan.