Phil Spencer has been working hard to improve Xbox's relationship with Japanese creators, and it looks like we're starting to see the fruits of his labor. At Microsoft's showcase earlier this week, the team revealed multiple Japanese titles are on the way to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass.

In the same interview with the YouTube channel iJustine, Phil mentioned it was these moments during the show that stood out to him. In particular, the part when Square Enix announced it would be bringing Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age to Xbox (including Xbox Game Pass) on 4th December.

"I've been in the industry for a long time, I visit studios, and I thought it was really cool to see the way Dragon Quest showed up as a game coming to Xbox, the support from Japanese publisher Square bringing a new IP into our show, obviously, Tetris Effect was there, PSO is coming to Xbox again with their new version.

"It's just an area of focus for us to make sure all creators globally feel like Xbox is a great platform for them and that they can deliver their games to a large global audience. It's an area that our team in Japan has really been working hard on. And to be able to open the pre-show with Dragon Quest and then see continued support from Japanese publishers was something that really popped for me in the show, and it was nice to a lot of fans of Japanese publishers react to that. So that was something I just wanted to call out, cause it means something to me."

Being able to feature a massive series like Dragon Quest during a major presentation is certainly a step in the right direction for Xbox. It's also great to see Square Enix will be bringing its new IP Balan Wonderworld to the Xbox next year.

This follows on from an interview with GameStar last week when Phil acknowledged Team Xbox had to rebuild trust with Japanese creators.

"We know we're not a Japanese platform company [and] we know we will have to work to rebuild trust with Japanese creators, and we think that happens over time, continuing to listen to what they're looking for and what they need in order to reach that global audience."

What did you think of the latest Japanese game reveals for Xbox? Are you impressed Microsoft has been able to get a series like Dragon Quest on its platform? Share your thoughts down below.