Xbox Series X Director of Program Management Jason Ronald recently appeared on the latest episode of IGN's Podcast Unlocked, and gave a hint as to how many Xbox Series X consoles might be available at launch.

In response to a question about what his typical day is like, and how he's working to get Xbox Series X ready for this holiday, Ronald explained that the company is aiming to have "a large number of consoles" on the market:

"It's really [about] making sure that we're ready to go - we're going to have a large number of consoles available worldwide for players to purchase. It's really about making sure that the software is highly optimised, refining the user experience. And then it's also partnering really closely with all of our launch partners, to make sure that the games that are actively in development right now are fully ready for day one to have a great experience for all the players that will be new to our ecosystem when Series X launches this holiday."

Ronald also talked more about Xbox Smart Delivery in the podcast, discussing how the team implemented the system for Xbox Series X, and recapping some of its features. His interview begins at 24:13 in the video above.

How many do you think Ronald means by "a large number"? Share your thoughts below.