Xbox Is Seeing A Flood Of New Customers Right Now, Says Phil Spencer

A new interview with Phil Spencer has been published by Business Insider, during which the Head of Xbox noted that the brand is seeing an influx of new customers during the coronavirus pandemic. However, as he also mentioned in a recent interview with IGN, he's keen to ensure the situation isn't exploited.

Speaking about the "new to Xbox customers" which Microsoft tracks, Spencer indicated that the company is experiencing a flood of newcomers, but admitted "you wouldn't wish this is the way we get here."

"We've talked [internally at Microsoft] about this. It's about, 'How do you feel that gaming is doing well at a time where the world is hurting?'"

Spencer went on to elaborate that instead of employing any different business tactics, the company is simply intending to "keep all the services up, trying to keep the games enjoyable, keeping our networks safe and secure." He stated the company wants to "stand on our principles and our values," and be there for customers at a time of need.

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