Metalhead Software, the developer behind the popular Super Mega Baseball series, has detailed many of the new features coming to the third game in the franchise. It's currently scheduled for an April release on Xbox One, although the company suggests a minimal delay could be on the cards.

But first, those new features. You can see a ten-minute look at them in the YouTube video above, including an in-depth reveal of Franchise Mode, which makes its debut in Super Mega Baseball 3. Other changes include graphical enhancements, greater customisation options and much more.

Additionally, the company has stated via Reddit that the game will include an import option post-launch for carrying over custom rosters from SMB2 to SMB3. There's also a "major online gameplay feature" in development that will be announced prior to launch, so we'll keep an eye out for that one.

Finally, in regards to the release, Metalhead Software says it hasn't been able to finalise a date yet to due to logistical delays relating to the coronavirus pandemic. However, it suggests that a delay beyond April 2020 isn't definite, but if it happens, it should only be a minimal one.

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