The Original Design Of The Xbox One Was Rushed, Admits Xbox Boss© Microsoft / Karen Ducey

Last week's IGN interview with Head of Xbox Phil Spencer was very revealing on all things Xbox and Xbox Series X, and the website later posted another interview with the Xbox boss on YouTube talking about the upcoming console in even more detail. As part of this, Spencer reflected on the original design of Xbox One, and why Xbox One S and Xbox One X were so different:

"What we had with Xbox One was a team that didn't have enough time because of late binding executive decisions on certain things, and this is why we started in 2016 this time around [with Xbox Series X]. And at the same time, we started testing certain things in the market to ensure that when we got to this point, things would work. Things like, can we take our back compat catalogue of games and actually have them run better on a new piece of hardware?"

In response to a question of whether a change of personnel was involved in designing the Xbox One S, Xbox One X and Xbox Series X, Spencer insisted the team was the same, and indicated it was simply a matter of giving them enough time to achieve their goals.

"The hardware team [on Xbox Series X] had the time. We started early enough that we could set what our goals were - same thing on [Xbox One] S, same thing on [Xbox One] X. . . so when people try to tell me it's about a new team or new leadership there, it's like no, no, no - you give a good team time and clear direction on what we're trying to go do, and they can do amazing work."

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