Rumour: Next Xbox Series X Event Will Be More Of An "Appetiser"

Noted industry insider Shinobi602 has been providing hints over at Resetera about the Xbox Series X once again, having recently teased some of the games coming to the system. But this time, he says the word "event" might be embellishing what's coming next, calling it more of a "nice appetiser".

We've been hearing rumours that Xbox is planning two upcoming reveals, with one in early May. It sounds like Shinobi602's comment is referring to that 'event', but while one commenter noted that the "appetiser" description sounded disappointing, he reassured them by saying "don't be disheartened, it'll still be fun."

It looks like some Xbox Series X games might be revealed soon at the very least, with Head of Xbox Phil Spencer having recently commented that the "next step is not too much of a wait (games)". Whether it's happening in early May remains to be seen, so let's keep our fingers crossed on that one!

What do you think Xbox will be showing in May, if anything? Let us know in the comments.