Xbox Controller - Spider-man Meme
Image: @WolfDb12

As you might have heard, Sony has lifted the lid on its new 'DualSense' controller for the PlayStation 5. It's got a bunch of fancy features that you can read all about over on our sister site Push Square, but it's the colour and shape of this new design that's been turning heads – arguably for all the wrong reasons.

Not long after the reveal, social media lit up - with many within the video community making some hilarious comparisons to Microsoft's white Xbox One controller that originally shipped with the Xbox One S model in 2016. It's actually got to the point now where 'Xbox Controller' is trending on Twitter. Yep, we're not joking – there have been more than 48k tweets at the time of writing about Microsoft's gamepad.

While we definitely find social media's reaction amusing, we do have some sympathy for Sony right now. As you might recall, not long ago after the Xbox Series X was officially unveiled, people began comparing the new hardware to a modern refrigerator and even a tall version of the Nintendo GameCube.

Fortunately, when it comes to Xbox's next-generation controller, it's more of the same – but it does have some slight improvements including a new share button, and the D-Pad has been lifted from the Elite Xbox One Controller. The most controversial thing about it is the fact it will still require AA batteries.

So what do you think of Sony's PS5 gamepad? Can you see the resemblance to the white Xbox One controller? Share your thoughts below.