Random: Snoop Dogg Went Off On EA Sports And Microsoft Again

Music star Snoop Dogg made the headlines a few years ago for criticising the Xbox servers following an outage back in 2016, and the other day, he did it again, only this time directed (primarily) at EA Sports. "Get that **** back up," he stated about the servers in an expletive-ridden video.

You can find the video over at his Instagram page, which was made in relation to EA Sports' servers going down back on April 14. The official EA Help Twitter account eventually confirmed the outage was due to the company suffering a series of DDoS attacks.

Snoop Dogg also brought Bill Gates and Microsoft into the mix (suggesting he was playing on Xbox One), despite them seemingly not being involved with EA Sports' issues on the day. The servers eventually got up and running not long after the star's Instagram post, prompting him to issue a "thank u".

Did you notice the EA Sports servers going down? Tell us what you thought of Snoop Dogg's rant below.

[source hiphopdx.com, via instagram.com, twitter.com]