Poll: How Many Games Have You Bought For Your Xbox One So Far?

When the Xbox One first launched back in 2013, you could pretty much keep track of every individual game that was released for it. Early adopters were buying games they'd never typically give a second thought to (Fighter Within, anyone?), but the Microsoft Store soon became overwhelmed with titles.

In recent years, we've been flooded with Xbox One games via the incredible Xbox Game Pass service, as well as Xbox Live Games With Gold. But away from those subscription programs, we want to know how many Xbox One games you've dropped physical cash on over the past few years.

So, let's find out! Have you spent thousands on digital and physical games for your Xbox One, or have you been watching the pennies and taking advantage of Xbox Game Pass instead? Let us know in the poll.

How Many Games Have You Bought For Your Xbox One?

Have a guess at how much you've spent on Xbox One games in the comments below!