Xbox Series X's Smart Delivery Feature Isn't Popular With Everyone, Claims Xbox Boss

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently talked about Smart Delivery during a recent interview with IGN, which will allow Xbox Series X owners to upgrade from the Xbox One version of participating games for free on Xbox Series X, such as Cyberpunk 2077. Speaking candidly, Spencer admitted not all partners are fans of the idea:

"If we get criticised by things kind of behind the scenes, by like partners, we're a little disruptive to some of the traditional business models that people have liked in console gaming. As an example, a new console comes out and people have to go re-buy games that they wanted to go play and there's an up-res or a remastered version - we come out with Smart Delivery and say hey, if somebody's already bought a game, they should be able to play that game and we should deliver the right bits on the console that they own to play absolutely the best version of that game..."

In the same breath, Spencer also talked about some of the other aspects of Xbox's vision that some partners allegedly aren't keen on, including cross-play and the Xbox Play Anywhere program, which allows players to buy one copy of a game and get access on both Xbox One and PC.

"You know, cross-play, cross-buy, cross-progression, there are kind of pockets of console space that want to fight those things, but I think if you put the player's best interests at the centre, and say you want to build an environment around them, even when you're taking some near-term loss over the traditional console opportunity, I believe in the long run that will win."

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