Halo Infinite Toy Leak Reveals The Return Of Brutes, New Weapons

New information on Halo Infinite has been revealed via the leak of a new toy set, which suggests Brutes are returning to the game when it launches later this year. Images of both figures were displayed via a now-deleted tweet earlier today, but were caught by some eagle-eyed fans (thanks Resetera).

You can see both of the Mega Construx Halo Infinite figures below (complete with new weapons that look like a Brute Shot and a Mauler), which are for a Brute Warrior and Spartan Gungnir:


We're guessing these figures were revealed a little early given the now-deleted original tweet, and we're not sure when they're actually supposed to be released. Regardless, we're looking forward to hearing a lot more about Halo Infinite over the coming months ahead of its scheduled Holiday 2020 release.

What do you make of these figures? What do you think the weapons are? Let us know in the comments.

[source resetera.com, via twitter.com]